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Wine 101 

  1. How-to Choose
  2. How-to Pair w/Food
  3. Using The Right Glass Shows You Have Class 
  4. Basic Types of Wine
  5. Expanded typing of Wines
  6. What Temp For EachType of Wine
  7. Knowing Your Wine Colors
  8. Wine Type Descriptions
  9. Caloric Comparison vs. Beer
  10. Coffees  

A friend once told me (while discussing wines & spirits) to learn about coffees too… " Because you’ll eventually need them, if / when you enjoy too much good spirits."

Infographics: Wine Folleys, Primer Magazine, and Chicago Food Magazine.

How to be an Adult 201

i’ve been working at a liquor store that specializes in mostly wine for about 5 years, and while i’ve gained a decent amount of wine knowledge, there’s a shit ton here that i didn’t know about!

Wine is a huge and amazing and tasty world of wonder and experience and learning to pair a good wine with a meal is SO satisfying aaaaaaaaaa


Anonymous asked:



Genie: If you had one wish that would come true and couldn’t be reversed, what would you ask for?

Honestly? First contact with extraterrestrials, without incidents, within my lifetime. And not for the reason that you think, this being mostly a porn blog and all.

If you think about it, alien contact would do many things to benefit mankind. Big things today, such as unrest in warring countries, the bad economy in many nations, the slow but sure dwindling of our Earth’s resources would seem infinitesimally small compared to the discovery of intelligent life within our section of the galaxy. It would be rough at first, but since the visitors would have to have advanced technology in order for them to come from an area very far away from our star system, it is fairly obvious that the world’s nations would want to comply with a force powerful enough to become a space-faring race with technology far superior than our own. Not to mention that it would change science, religion and what it means to be human. Eventually, everyone would have no reason to fight over politics, land or ideology because they would be able to see the bigger picture. There might be some violence from dissenting individuals, but that’s against my wish. :3

Also, it would give us the chance to see that we, as individuals of our species, really are not at all different, because we’re all from the same planet. Racism and other similar prejudices would be mostly, if not completely, abolished due to it seeming almost pointless. Hopefully, it wouldn’t evolve into interspecies racism, but that would be against my wish :3

And maybe, that could evolve into interspecies relationships as our race  ascends to space and learns to live with the species that had contacted us, or perhaps more than one species (after all, if they visit us, there’s a pretty good chance that there’s more intelligent life out there…). Not just romantic or sexual relationships, as you might think, but interaction and integration. The things we would be able to learn from the aliens that contact us would be, for lack of a better word, astronomical. With the combined knowledge of our species with other intelligent beings, it would be possible to eventually be a *type 3 civilization faster than would be to attain that status by ourselves.

But on the subject on sex and relationships… Chances of our sex drives being compatible with alien reproductive organs are slightly small, keeping in mind that the aliens would have evolved in a very different environment from ours (no Star Trek alien sluts for Kirk :( ). Although, to have a romantic relationship with an alien, if they are capable of such emotions, would be quite a thing to experience. Although, if their genitalia are compatible with ours, that’s a plus. I’d like to experience it either way.

So yeah. There’s my theoretical extraterrestrial contact dream-wish scenario essay. My dad is a scientist, and I follow astronomy, theoretical physics as well as hard sci-fi quite avidly because of him, so I know a lot about this kind of stuff. :3

Did I get an A+?

*A type 3 civilization is part of something called the Kerdashev scale, and is pretty much a civilization that can harness the energy of black holes, galaxies and pulsars (we’re currently on type 0 :I ). If things went smoothly with the species we had contact with, we’d almost instantly be a type 1. But by the time we’re a type 3, which is as far as our current knowledge can go, we’ll prolly have a few more types to add to the list, so there’s really no telling how far we can go. :)

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